Jungian Analysis

Minne van Woersem

“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.”. Carl Jung

Why Jungian Therapy?

Do you recognize yourself in the following?
struggling with the same thing over and over againthat despite understanding how it works, there is no behavioral changeexperience a lack of energy and fulfillment in your life.

And would you like to:
get in touch with what drives you on a deeper levelrestore the connection within by loving and accepting yourself.empower yourself by owning both your inner qualities and limitations.

Then Jungian therapy might offer a way to explore the deeper parts of yourself and get in touch with the person you truly want to become.

At the moment I offer one free session, after that you can continue the therapy at a rate of € 50,- per session. In the link below you can book a free online introduction to see if this is the right fit for you:

What is it?

The essence of analytical therapy is guiding someone on his or her path to what Jung called ‘individuation’. This is the inner process of becoming a whole and mature human being. More than 90% of what we think and do is driven by our unconscious. When we truly want to bring fundamental change into our lives, it does not happen on the superficial level of the conscious mind. In order to know ourselves and grow, we have to dive deeper. So we can meet the contents we have been denying in ourselves and discover the yet untouched qualities and resources.

The answer is within you

In this form of therapy the answers will not be given by the therapist. The key will only be found within yourself. Integrating the unconscious will allow the life force energy (which Jung called the ‘Libido’) to flow in your life. To set this libido in motion, and direct it in the right way, will have a vitalizing and healing effect on the individual.

Finding wholeness

The therapy will guide you on the path of individuation, to become more of who you truly are. As a result you will be less effected by the collective norms and expectations, but you'll develop the freedom, inner strength and insight to live according to your own values and truth. No longer reacting in a child-like manner to the circumstances, or seeking approval from others, but acting as an adult and carrying yourself from a place of integrity and wholeness.

“I’d rather be whole, than good”.
— Carl Jung

How does it work?

The unconscious shows itself in various ways. In dreams, visions, projections on others, our obsessions, physical symptoms and many other forms. We will work from what shows itself in the present moment. I use my intuition to guide you in your process, and create a safe space where you can experience whatever arises in the session.

shadow work

Part of the therapy is about shadow work. We shed light on our shadow by taking back the projections we have on other people and circumstances. This work is both an empowering and humbling experience. I will not judge you in the process, because there is no inherent right or wrong. Everything has its value from which we can learn and grow. It is all about integrating both sides of the spectrum, both the light and the darkness.

Experience it yourself

The therapy works in the long run. It takes time for every aspect of your being to find its right place. Chaos organically transforms into an inner order that in my experience creates more stability, inner peace and (self-)love. The suppressed child will learn to play again and provide you with a creative and spontaneous spirit.

In the end you have to experience it yourself, so you are welcome to book a free online introduction. There we will find out if this is the right thing for you. After that we can schedule in next sessions.

Who am I?

My name is Minne van Woersem. At the moment I am a third year student at the Jung Academy in Amsterdam. While studying I received three years of therapy myself and I am amazed how transformative this form of therapy is. It gives me a sense of gratefulness and enthusiasm to pass on from what I have received.

In my daily life I have my own practice for massage and body-oriented therapy. It is my wish to integrate the analytical therapy with the body work that I currently provide. The body is a perfect reflection of what is happening within us on an unconscious level. Physical complaints, tensions and illnesses can be viewed as symptoms of a deeper lying cause. In that sense the symptoms are trying to tell you something. If you’re not addressing this deeper lying cause and restore the inner balance, the symptoms will only return and grow in strength. For me it is a beautiful and fulfilling process to guide people in connecting with themselves this way.

For the rest I love being in nature, am very curious towards all kinds of people, and have a strong drive to develop my inner potential. But as mentioned before, everything is about finding a balance. So I don’t forget to play in the process :).

Book your introduction

We can start with a 30 minute introduction via Zoom that you can book with the tool below. It's free. If we both agree, we can start the sessions. After the first free session you are able to continue the therapy at a rate of € 50,- per session. Whenever you have questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

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Thank you and looking forward to see you in the session!

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